Pledge to Vote

Corey's a fourth-generation family farmer running for NY's 121st Assembly District. He's a partner of Mosher Farms, a father of four children attending our public schools, and the son of an Army Veteran. He's running to bring real representation and a stronger voice for the 121st District to the State Assembly.

Can Corey count on your vote on election day?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Governor Cuomo has issued an order allowing all NYers to vote by mail via absentee ballot. You can find a form to request an absentee ballot here.

If you live in the Madison County portion of the district, you can request the ballot via email. They will need the following information: 



Date of Birth

Reason for absentee (temporary illness)

Election (June 23rd Primary)

Mailing Address if different from residence

You can reach out to them at this email address:

Yes I support .
No I do not support .