Digital Organizing Tips

Helpful Tips for Digital At-Home Organizing

Stuck in quarantine and looking for some ways to help make an impact in your community from the comfort of your home? Use this guide for some advice on how you can assist the campaign.

Like and Follow Our Social Media.

  • The easiest way to connect with the campaign and help spread our message is to utilize the power of social media.
  • Like Corey Mosher for State Assembly on Facebook and follow Corey Mosher for State Assembly on Twitter.
    • Follow the pages and make sure to like and share every post! This engagement helps to boost our outreach with the algorithms for both platforms and will get us in front of more people. Make sure to share these pages with your friends and family and get them to like the pages.
    • The impact of social media is often understated, and that is going to prove to be especially true during this pandemic. A great way to organize digitally is simply to spend some time running through your friends list on Facebook and inviting them to like the page!

Take Some Time To Text Invites to Virtual Town Halls, House Parties, and Social Media to Friends and Family.

  • A super simple and effective way to organize your contact list during this time is to send texts inviting them to our events! Go through your contact list and text them an invite to our social media pages so that they get updates from us as well.
    • Sample Text:

Hi _____, I’m volunteering with Corey Mosher’s campaign for State Assembly because I (am frustrated with current leadership / am passionate about getting a voice for ag in Albany / think this crisis has shown how badly we need access to broadband in our community). I just wanted to send a quick text to make sure you knew about his campaign for office. You can learn more about him by following him on Facebook and Twitter at Corey Mosher for State Assembly. I think he’s the kind of leader we need right now and I just wanted to share what he has to say with you.

  • As the campaign moves forward, we will be holding many digital events. Feel free to invite your contact list! We will always provide links and resources to share, so use those when they are available.
    • Sample Text:

Hi _____, I know (we’ve had some conversations about ____/ you care deeply about ____/ you were curious about ____) and I wanted to invite you to a Virtual Town Hall that Corey Mosher is hosting on ____. He’s going to talk in depth about ____ and take questions from people like you and me to make sure that our questions are answered. I want to see him get into office, so I really want to make sure he knows all of our perspectives. You can join at this link: _____.

Host a Virtual House Party.

  • Being Stuck at home under quarantine is stressful and challenging. For many of us, it can feel lonely and isolating. A great way to engage with the people and issues you care about is to work with the campaign to host a virtual house party. We can invite Corey to speak, gather your contacts in a Zoom (or Hangouts, or any of the other video-call apps) call, and talk about the issues facing our community for a little while.

How to set up:

Email or if you would like to set this up. Ryan can mock up an invitation for you and you can work with him to iron out the details for your event

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