My name is Corey Mosher and I am running for the 121st State Assembly District which covers Madison County, and portions of Oneida and Otsego counties. 

I am a fourth-generation family farmer, partner at Mosher Farms, a father of four children attending our public schools, and the son of an Army Veteran.

A picture of the Mosher Family Farmstand at Mosher Farms in Bouckville, NY.       

We need a representative who not only understands the struggles people endure in the 121st District, but has lived those same struggles on a daily basis.

  • Nearly one out of every five rural New Yorkers still does not have broadband access.
  • Healthcare is inaccessible and unaffordable for too many in our community.
  • Upstate public schools are chronically underfunded.
  • Childcare is grossly inadequate--and out of reach for too many families.
  • Long-term care remains a privilege, making it hard for our seniors to age with dignity. 
  • Legislation written by Albany bureaucrats, and not business owners, is making it hard for family farms and upstate businesses to survive.

On July 8th, 2019, our current Assemblyman, John Salka, said in an interview, “I’m not going to pass any landmark legislation…” Unlike Salka, I cannot and will not accept the status quo. Our district needs a representative with the political will and courage to tackle the biggest issues we face.

As Board Chairman of the Madison County Cooperative Extension, a board member of the New York State Vegetable Growers’ Association, and a member of the National Barley Improvement Committee, I’ve been fighting for the countless family farmers in the 121st District and across the state that are struggling to keep our farms afloat.

There is no such thing as a strong upstate economy without a strong farm economy. The lack of access to broadband and poor infrastructure stands in the way of economic success for both our businesses and farms.

We need to invest in 21st Century clean technology infrastructure, expand access to broadband and enact policies that uplift New York’s family farmers. When we do so, Upstate New York will become a place where businesses prosper, where families choose to raise their children, and where family farms thrive.

The 121st District needs an Assemblyman that gives real representation and a stronger voice to the people of the district. I can be that Assemblyman.

But first, I need your help. Get Involved with the campaign. Contribute. Finally, follow us on Twitter and Facebook @MosherForNY to stay up-to-date.



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